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Summer School

Summer School 2021

Ӱapp’s 2021 Summer School was incredibly well attended by students from Years 6 and 7.  The programme was delivered over five days but for those with more time available, they could attend an extended programme which lasted 25 days.

The programme was delivered in partnership with Squirrel Learning, centred around an academic skillset and knowledge-based scheme but also included:

  • Transition activities
  • STEM Robotics
  • Filmmaking
  • Problem-solving challenges
  • Sports activities
  • Arts and crafts

Squirrel Learning is experienced teachers who have worked across the city in primary and secondary schools specialising in digital, social, health and wellbeing projects. Information about the team can be found on the website

The main focus of the summer school was to support Year 6 students with their transition in adjusting to a bigger school – particularly those who are vulnerable. It was also open to a small group of Year 7 students who would benefit from the experience.

We received £37,586.83 in funding for the Summer School event which was spent as follows:

  • Staffing £29,986.83
  • Squirrel Learning £7,350
  • Catering (small contribution)      £250